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Do you love bacon? Of course you do. Our friends at Oscar Mayer have developed an iPhone alarm clock app that will wake you up to the sight, sound and (most importantly) the aroma of cooked bacon.

“A bacon awakening beyond your wildest imagination,” is the claim made by the Oscar Mayer website

Released on March 3, so it’s too soon to tell if the app is a hit. When I posted this it had a 5 star rating based on 6 reviews.

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YouTube commenters raise some valid concerns. 4piglite said, “Better check with the family dog if you ever find your phone missing in the morning. lol.”

The psychology of this app may not have been totally thought out. Get ready to be bummed out by the fact that you’ll actually still need to procure real bacon after your senses are primed. Jack Morgan said, “sure, it would wake me up, but when i look around the room and the trauma sets in that i don’t actually have a plate of bacon waiting for me, just your meat scented lies, where will you be then Oscar Mayer?”

Apply for a chance to win a bacon scent alarm device at between March 3rd and April 4, 2014 . I tried and failed, but it was nice to hear a heartfelt apology from the Oscar Mayer Chief Bacon Cut & Design Cheif Phil Roudenbusch. Is that a real thing?

Even if you can’t get the scent device, you can still download the Wake Up & Smell The Bacon app from iTunes for free. Or hey, here’s an idea. Fry up some real bacon and dig in.

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