Hello, hello, music fans…we’ve put together a playlist that not even the most treacherous of winters could bring down. From an upcoming DJ that incorporates all genres to make his own style, to a singer-songwriter that has portrayed many famous musicians of our yesteryear, to already-known local favorites – we’re sure you’ll find something you like.

Check them out!

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Le Voyage – “Hold”

Le Voyage

(credit: levoyagedetroit.bandcamp.com)

Experimental, electronic-rock band Le Voyage was originally started as a solo project with singer/songwriter Joel Sanders, but quickly decided to bring on other Detroit rockers: Ryan Woods of Exteriors, Danny Kahn of Sleepy Thieves, and Zach Pliska of FUR and George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus. They’re set to release their first album this March – don’t miss it, check them out here!

Jet Rodriguez – “Jessie’s Army”

Jet Rodriguez

(credit: thejetrodriquezmusic,com)

Jet Rodriguez is on fire in Metro Detroit – opening this Saturday, March 8, for the Sleepy Sun at the Shelter in Detroit, and what’s even more exciting is they have new music in the works right now…with release dates later this month! In the meantime, take a listen to this track off of their first album, you won’t be disappointed…check them out here!

SICK – “No Worries”


(credit: sickofficial.com)

A new upcoming rock band, SICK is set to release their awaited debut album this summer. Don’t let their name sway you, they’re raucous and definitely ready to rock hard. They’re also set to play in the first-ever Hamtramck Music Festival this Saturday, March 8 with other big-named Detroit bands. Check them out here!

Citizen Smile – “A Good Man”

Citizen Smile

(credit: citizensmile.bandcamp.com)

A delicious blend of energy, emotion, and spirit, Citizen Smile play a passionate, indie pop-rock. It’s jingly, exciting, and refreshing. They pull in influences from Weezer to Wilco, creating a style that is all their own. Check them out here!

DogFingaz – “Look Out”


(credit: facebook.com/dogfingaz)

An electronic DJ that is unrestrained by “genre,” DogFingaz takes it to the next level by combining traditional dubstep, electro, house, and trap to give his audience a unique experience of melodies, bass, and vocal manipulation. He’s stamping his mark onto Detroit’s underground and he’s here to stay. Check him out here!

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Negative Approach – “Tied Down”

Negative Approach

(credit: wikipedia.org)

A hardcore punk band, Negative Approach is considered one of the pioneers to the hardcore punk movement in the 1980s. They broke up in ’84 and reunited in ’06, and during their first years on the scene, they were little-known outside of Detroit, though today, they’re idolized amongst many Detroiters. Check them out live here!

Destroy All Monsters –  “Bored”

Destroy All Monsters

(credit: spacerockmountain.blogspot.com)

Formed in 1973 by a group of University of Michigan art students, Destroy All Monsters were a highly influential psychedelic punk-rock band that often experimented with performance art during their live sets. They often referred to their music as “anti-rock,” and though they never recorded a proper album, they did reach mainstream success during their time. Hear them here!

Slum Village – “Selfish”

Slum Village

(credit: wikipedia.org)

A hip-hop trio from Detroit, Slum Village used to go by “Ssenepod,” then later changed their name in 1991 to help with their growing fan-base within the underground Detroit hip-hop scene. Check out the song “Selfish” – which was produced by Kanye West and features John Legend – performed here!

DJ Assault – “Get Busy”

DJ Assault

(credit: soundcloud.com/djassault)

One of Detroit’s most-known DJs, DJ Assault has been mixing records since 1982 and has cultivated his own unique style – a blend of electronic dance music and rapping over non-hip hop styles of music…something that could have only come from Detroit. Check him out here!

Marshall Crenshaw – “Someday, Someway”

Marshall Crenshaw

(credit: wikipedia.org)

A singer-songwriter, Marshall Crenshaw originally got his start in the business by portraying John Lennon in the off-Broadway company of “Beatlemania.” In 1987, he played Buddy Holly in Richie Valens’ biopic “LaBamba.” His music is melodic, catchy, and passionately true – check him out here!

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