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Watch as the “Arrow” leading man, Stephen Amell, takes us on a journey through his 15-hour day shooting an episode of the show. Apparently shot entirely with his cellphone — it’s an example of how he personally creates content for his fans on social networks.

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The video is endearingly amateurish, but at the end of the day it hits the mark for exactly what fans of the show want. It has bad lighting, portrait oriented shots and hit and miss sound, but it shows all the nuggets of fun detail involved in the actor’s day. You’ll get everything from what music he listens to in the morning to his off-camera rapport with cast-mates Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/Black Canary) and Detroit native and WSU alum David Ramsey. Plus, see an impressive demonstration of the “salmon ladder” stunt. “So it’s real. Stop asking!” said Amell matter-of-factly.

If you are a fan of “Arrow” or just a fan of cool celebrities — you should check out Stephen Amell on YouTube. He joined the video sharing site just over a year ago on Jan, 2 2013, but in recent weeks he’s started posting his own videos.

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The “Arrow” leading man has a loving fanbase for just that reason. He lets people get a glimpse into the real life of an action TV star through social media.

YouTube user Kalvin P was among many of the fans who appreciated the homespun video showing behind the scenes nuggets from the set of Arrow. He commented on Amell’s video “We need more of these from actors. POST MORE OF THESE!!”

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