This week on Street Beat, host Roxanne Steele finds out about the problem with heroin and other drugs in Michigan.

Lt. Michael Shaw of the Michigan State Police starts things off with an overview of how bad the drug problem is in Michigan. What’s the biggest drug problem in the state? How and why are people getting into it?

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Street Beat: Michigan State PoliceStreet Beat: Michigan State Police

Next, Mark Garofoli, a parent who lost his son because of drug addiction and who is campaigning to get a bill through the Michigan House that will allow concerned parents/friends to file with the courts to force treatment for family members with addiction issues.

Street Beat: Mark GarofoliStreet Beat: Mark Garofoli

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Then, Deborah Hollis, the Director of the Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care for the Michigan Department of Community Health, gives us signs to look for to detect early stages of drug abuse.

Street Beat: Promise HouseStreet Beat: Promise House

Finally, Venus M. Denson, Executive Director of Promise House, an organization that provides a safe, supportive and structured environment where women learn to live fulfilling sober lives, will also be a guest.

Street Beat: MDCHStreet Beat: MDCH

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