Week after week we’re committed to searching, listening, and bringing you the best of what our city has to offer…in terms of music, that is. This week, in our playlist,we’ve brought in a few new names, sprinkled in some well-known favorites, and explored other tracks from local bands we’ve seen before.

There’s only one thing for you to do: turn the music up!

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Olivia Millerschin – “Screw Valentine’s Day”

Olivia Millerschin

(credit: mtv.com)

Olivia Millerschin is only 18 years old but already has an impressive track record behind her. A singer-songwriter with a voice of smoky magic, Olivia has toured with Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton, and Ryan Cabrera. Her music has been played on numerous radio stations all over Michigan, parts of Chicago, and even in California. She’s working on a new album now! Talk about a go-getter. Check her out here!

We Came As Romans – “Everything As Planned”

We Came As Romans

(credit: wikipedia.org)

This track is off of the hardcore rockers’ second album, “What We’ve Grown To Be” which is a much darker album than their debut. It showcases how the band members have grown and changed with time; it’s melodic, gritty, and layered with soaring vocals. Check them out here!

Madonna – “I’m Addicted”


(credit: wikipedia.org)

Did you know pop-queen Madonna went to the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship? And she was once in a band called the Breakfast Club? She’s touched the hearts of millions of fans over her 30+ year career in music and entertainment and she’s not backing down yet. Represent, Madonna! Check her out here!

The White Stripes – “Stop Breaking Down”

The White Stripes

(credit: wikipedia.org)

The White Stripes revived the Detroit garage-rock scene when they debuted in 1999. Their gritty approach to writing and recording music was something the rock scene hadn’t heard before. They were trendsetters and they took the world by storm. Check them out here!

Lettercamp – “Buy In”


(credit: lettercamp.bandcamp.com)

Lettercamp is your go-to group if you’re a dancer at heart. It’s electro-pop with layers of orchestrated sounds and catchy hooks. While their music is a joy to listen to recorded, their live shows will intoxicate your senses on a whole new level – with a light show, projections and silhouettes, it only intensifies what they’re trying to accomplish. Don’t miss out – check them out here!

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Sugar Baron – “Darke Country”

Sugar Baron

(credit: sugarbaronsucks.com)

Another electronic-dance group…though Sugar Baron adds their own unique flair, and it’s not what you’d expect. They perfectly blend together inspiration of Motown sounds, layered guitar harmonies, and poppy-synths. It’s hard to turn off. Check them out here!

The Plurals – “Clouds”

The Plurals

(credit: theplurals.bandcamp.com)

The Plurals are an alternative-rock band with positive and upbeat attitude in their music. When you’re listening, whether you’re at a live show or on one of their albums, you can tell they’re having fun. It’s contagious and captivating. Check them out here!

The Satin Peaches – “That One”

The Satin Peaches

(credit: thesatinpeaches.bandcamp.com)

Long before George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus were taking over Detroit, George Morris and Gypsy Chorus bass player Aaron Nelson, were in a little band known as The Satin Peaches. The Satin Peaches have since disbanded (don’t worry – you can catch their members playing in several bands in the area: George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus, Ronny Tibbs & The 305s, and The HandGrenades), but that doesn’t mean they didn’t leave a few gems behind. A youthful and spontaneous pop-rock, this group is one you should know and have on your playlist. Check them out here!

The Summer Pledge – “Wonder”

The Summer Pledge

(credit: thesummerpledge.bandcamp.com)

An extremely experimental group, The Summer Pledge cultivates a sound that is derived from everything from club-rock to funk, and jazz to space-rock. It’s unlike most sounds you’ll hear coming from the Detroit music scene. They’re more than worth exploring. Check them out here!

Cloud Magic – “Seven”

Cloud Magic

(credit: cloudmagicmusic.com)

Considering their music as “space-funk,” Cloud Magic are inspired by the bands The Beatles, Phish, and The Flaming Lips, and their music is incased in the psychedelic atmosphere of the ‘60s and early ‘70s. It’s soulful, a bit jazzy, and flat-out funky – though, only in the best way. Check them out here!

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