Without passion there would be no music…or, you know, maybe there would be, but what would be the point of it? It would hold no soul, it would lack luster – it would be stale. This week’s edition of the Detroit Proud Playlist brings you some of the city’s most passionate artists and bands, sharing their stories to the world through music.

Go on, take a listen…there’s a lot to be heard.

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Bars of Gold – “Heaven Is A Heater”

Bars of Gold

(credit: barsofgold.bandcamp.com)

A quirky band from the Ferndale area, Bars of Gold plays a high-energy punk-indie-rock music. There are layers of twirling guitar, danceable beats, and resonating vocals.  The word on the street is the lead singer is a “madman” on stage and their performances are unforgettable. Check them out here!

Electric Graffiti – “All My Girls”

Electric Graffiti

(credit: facebook.com)

An all-girl rock band, the members of Electric Graffiti are still in high school! But they don’t let that stop them – they’re obviously dedicated to their music. Filled with color, vibrant persona, and a punk-pop edge, their music is definitely something you’ll want to get out of your seat and dance to. Check them out here!

Blind Season – “Mirrors And Scales”

Blind Season

(credit: facebook.com)

They may be young – but Blind Season has already proved that they can hold their own in the Detroit music scene. The embody everything rock-and-roll should be: high-energy performances, ripping guitar riffs, and cutting vocals – imagine if Tool and Alice In Chains made a baby. They’re quite the inspired group. Check them out here!

The Blueflowers – “My Gun”

The Blueflowers

(credit: facebook.com)

Living up to their name, The Blueflowers play a soulful, melancholy blues in an inspiring, my-heart-has-just-been-broken-but-I-will-go-on type of way. You feel the heartache in the lyrics, but the beauty of the music will give you the lingering of hope. They’re a group that’s definitely apart from the rest of the current Detroit music scene. Check them out here!

Sunlight Ascending – “Gleaming Apollo”

Sunlight Ascending

(credit: sunlightascending.bandcamp.com)

Sunlight Ascending is everything you’d picture them to be, an ambient escape into a beautiful hideaway from the world. One track you’re encased in tranquility, the next you’re riding a ride of rhythm and jamming guitar. They keep you interested. Check them out here!

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The Wall Clocks – “Back Of My Mind”

The Wall Clocks

(credit: facebook.com)

The Wall Clocks have made quite a splash in the Detroit music scene – having worked with various radio stations throughout Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. They’ve also opened up for The Gin Blossoms, The Romantics, and The Steepwater Band – captivating audiences with their edgy rock and hook-ridden choruses. Check them out here!

Undesirable People – “The Fall Down”

Undesirable People

(credit: undesirablepeople.bandcamp.com)

What an odd name for a band, don’t you think? Undesirable People certainly test your ability to not judge a book by its cover, though they do it in the ironic sense. Saying “Stay Undesirable” they mean stay original, because what is seen over and over again is becoming the desired. And stay original they do quite well – check them out here to find out why!

Deastro – “Toxic Crusaders”


(credit: ghostly.com)

Deastro has had a passion for making music his whole life – by 17, he had already written hundreds of songs. Today, at only 22, he’s signed to Ann Arbor’s own Ghostly International record label and has released over seven albums. Deastro’s music belongs to the experimental-electronic scene, with spacey synths and ambient atmospheres. Don’t miss out – check him out here!

James Linck – “The Jerk”

James Linck

(credit: jameslinck.bandcamp.com)

James Linck plays a little bit of everything – R&B, indie pop-rock, electronic, but all with one common denominator: James Linck’s undeniable ability to win over every audience. His charismatic persona on-stage and his catchy pop-lyrics…there’s something for everyone to love. Check him out here!

Fur – “Pretty Thoughts”


(credit: furnoise.bandcamp.com)

Their music is captivating from the start – with layers of sound and a dance rhythm backbone. Everything sounds so much bigger than it is…almost symphonic. It’s moody, but not in a depressing way, there’s life inside the music and it’s contagious. Plus, did you know their drummer Zach Pliska is currently drumming in George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus? Check Fur out here!

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