We put together quite the playlist this week, Detroit Proud music fans. From harmonizing singer-songwriters that prove to be lyrical gods to new, inspired takes on electronic dance music, your new favorite is probably sitting right below these very words…

So get to listening!

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Autumn Wolf – “High Riders”

Autumn Wolf

(credit: autumnwolf.bandcamp.com)

So, Autumn Wolf is most certainly one of the most unique and inspired performers to come out of the Detroit music scene in recent years. And to believe, he makes such magic with just a guitar and one synth? He plays a combination of electronic-dance and dubstep – but it gets interesting with the addition of his guitar. …we did say inspired, right? Check him out – you’ll have his record on repeat for days to come.

Majesty Crush – “No. 1 Fan”

Majesty Crush

(credit: last.fm)

A dream-pop, shoegaze group from the early 1990s, Majesty Crush is sometimes forgotten about within the Detroit music scene. And we think that’s highly unjust – given their music is anything but forgettable with silky vocals, dancing-guitar melodies, and a lush, dreamy ambience. Check them out here!

Dan Henig – “Sparks”

Dan Henig

(credit: facebook.com/danhenigmusic)

Originally a native of Michigan, singer-songwriter Dan Henig spent 6 years in the UK while his father was working there. There he discovered his passion for music – learning the cello and the trumpet and then “every instrument I could get my hands on!” And his passion is definitely conveyed in his music, with a sweetly-smoky voice and beautiful guitar melodies – check him out here!

Mod Orange – “Simple Is, Simple Be”

Mod Orange

(credit: modorange.bandcamp.com)

A three-piece indie-rock band, Mod Orange causes quite a stir in their music. They play a youthful power-pop rock. Their lyrics are catchy and their vibe is contagious. Check them out here!

Mike Galbraith – “So You Got Married”

Mike Galbraith

(credit: facebook.com)

Mike Galbraith is a singer-songwriter that credits Bob Dylan, Nirvana, and Neil Young for much of his inspiration. And that’s heavily evident in his music – a bit folky, a bit country; he’ll get you hooked with pretty, sad songs and story-telling lyrics. Check him out here!

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The Hard Lessons – “Talk It Over”

The Hard Lessons

(credit: facebook.com)

Playing music is their true passion – they’ve played over 700 live shows and counting. Making music is their talent, and The Hard Lessons play a wide range of sounds, with everything from raw-guitar jams to poppy-dance numbers. Check them out here!

Madonna – “Hung Up”


(credit: wikipedia.org)

Everyone’s favorite pop-star…well, maybe we can’t say *everyone* but she doesn’t hold the title of “Queen of Pop” for nothing, now does she? Madonna reserves a special spot in our hearts because she’s truly conquered the test of time – hit after hit – inspiring so many musicians along the way. Find out what she’s up to next here!

The Philter – “We’re Just Kids”

The Philter

(credit: thephilter.bandcamp.com)

The Philter is a hard band to pin to just one genre – and maybe that’s why we love them. They’re like an indie-rock band with a splash of punk-pop and yet they can still capture the atmosphere of a shoegaze group. They’re worth exploring…check them out here!

The Detroit Cobras – “He Did It”

The Detroit Cobras

(credit: wikipedia.org)

The Detroit Cobras have made a name for themselves as the retro, garage-rock cover band from Detroit. They were signed to London-based record label Rough Trade Records as their success proved them to be ever-popular in the UK. Check them out here!

Tunde Olaniran – “The Second Transgression”

Tunde Olaniran

(credit: facebook.com)

Tunde Olaniran has got his own thing going on – he plays an electronic-pop with an R&B soul…and his music is taking over Detroit. The spirit is fun and stylish – and if you get the chance to see him live, you’ll see he’s having as much fun performing as the crowd is listening. Check him out here!

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Who are you listening to, Detroiters? We want to know! Tell us in the comments.