Music fans! Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Detroit Proud  Playlist. As we continue to search for new music throughout Metro Detroit, it’s astonishing to find such talent hidden away within our city. They play local venues and bars – some you’ve probably never even heard of – yet they’re complete gems.

We’ve filled our list this week with tracks that have captivated us – we can only hope it will do the same for you.

Go on – get listening!

Violets – “Voices”



A dark-dream pop, Violets look to the stars and love for their inspiration. This track, “Voices,” is like a tripping beautiful tragedy. Filled with a completely enchanting ambient atmosphere and poetically-driven lyrics, the song will send shivers down your spin and enlighten you – absolutely soul-clenching. Hear it here!

Nigel & The Dropout – “Entropy”

Nigel & The Dropout


An extremely inspired duo, Nigel & The Dropout capture a unique sound of dance-rock. Filled with soaring guitars, ambient synths and harmonizing vocals, they keep a crowd on their feet. Hear more from them here!

DASH Riot – “NYE2013”



A local DJ creating quite a stir around town, DASH Riot puts his own spin (pun intended) on the traditional dubstep-electro music scene. He creates sets that can get anyone in the room to move to the beat and then throws surprises in as he goes, making sure you’re always coming back for more– a DJ doing what he does best. Check him out here!

Julian Paaige – “Hellcat Maggie”

Julian Paaige


Calling his music “Creep Pop,” Julian Paaige definitely plays a sound that’s uniquely his own. That’s not to say it’s not captivating…as the guitar jumps around and strange and biting vocals layer over most of it, you can’t help but trudge deeper into it. It’s a bit Radiohead, with a White Stripes element. Check him out here!

Divine Comedians – “I’ll Take A Page”

Divine Comedians


What a name, don’t you think? Your mind might immediately jump to Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” but while this group does sing pretty poetic lyrics, their music isn’t quite as heavy as the 14th-century philosophical epic Italian poem. Divine Comedians play a youthful pop-rock – with vocals that could be easily compared to Brandon Flowers of The Killers – easy listening. Check them out here!

Velveteen Rabbit – “Strange”

Velveteen Rabbit


This track from Velveteen Rabbit sounds like it comes from a different time – laced with ‘60s psychedelic and ‘70s groove-swankiness, “Strange” stands apart from anything else you’ve heard in the Detroit music scene. With epically powerful vocals and beautiful, entrancing lyrics, Velveteen Rabbit will completely consume your senses. Check out their music here!

The Hand In The Ocean – “White Noise”

The Hand In The Ocean


Just three boys from Detroit, The Hand In The Ocean are an artsy-acoustic indie-folk band. A kind yet powerful song, “White Noise,” is filled with passionately driven lyrics and heartbreakingly beautiful harmonies. Hear “White Noise” here!

Pewter Cub – “As You Were”

Pewter Club


A mellow yet moody rock, Pewter Cub rings similar to other alternative rock bands, much like the Stone Temple Pilots – but they add a more jangly-shoegaze element into the mix. Their heart is drenched in the ‘90s grunge-alt rock era and so far, so good. Check them out here!

Congress – “Green Lights – Live Parent”



A fun, upbeat, guitar-driven punk-rock band, Congress captures the attitude of every early-on-in-his-career rock star. They’re floating on the scene of punk music – the soul is young and ready to rock. Check them out here!

Radio Burns – “The City”

Radio Burns


Radio Burns are a high-energy punk-rock band. They’re fun and free-spirited with mean guitar and commanding vocals. Radio Burns are not shy about their rock-angst and they’re shouting it from roof-tops. Don’t miss the fun, check them out here!

Who should we be listening to? Tell us about your favorite Detroit artists in the comments!