Alright everyone – we bet you’re in search of some new music…you know, new year, new tunes? Well, how about an already-completed list of the best-of-the-best of our own-grown, Detroit musicians?! Yeah, we thought so.

From old favorites with new-releases, to brand new artists…we’ve compiled a list set to start off anyone’s New Year right.

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So…you know, check them out!

The High Strung – “King Drum”

The High Strung


Josh Malerman is one talented fella. Not only did he write a book that HarperCollins picked up to publish (out this May!), but his band The High Strung is set to release their newest album “I, Anybody” this Friday at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. “I, Anybody” is as inspired as ever and has this underlying Brit-pop feel throughout; you won’t want to miss it performed live…find details here!

Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers – “Oh, Dear Lover”

Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers


A whimsical, romantic – yet still aggressive – indie-folk-rock, Joe Hertler, was once a successful solo singer/songwriter. Now, his sound has evolved into a full band and Joe Hertler’s passionate vocals and smoky voice pair well with the delicate guitar and piano melodies and dynamic back-beats. Catch them Friday the Loving Touch in Ferndale For SECRET FRIENDS FEST, and check the group out here!

Melina Marie – “Disarray”

Malina Marie


Melina Marie is a singer/songwriter with a fiery passion for making music. It’s her outlet of emotion and it’s really conveyed in her music. Her new single “Disarray” is an edgy-pop number with beautiful harmonies – check it out here!

Sugar Baron – “It’s A Trap”

Sugar Baron


Sugar Baron dances the night away with a Motown-driven electronic sound and smooth, creamy beats. They’re easy listening; you’ll sway back and forth lightly in one song and the next will make you jump to your feet and groove. Check them out here!

TRAITS – “We Can”

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At first listen you might think, “Hm, just another indie-rock band from Detroit,” but then the music takes a twist and you’re smacked in the face with a groovy beat and catchy lyrics. Adding in their own inspired flair, TRAITS takes the same-old, same-old to a new level. Check them out here!

George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus – “Everything”

George Morris and the Gyspy Chorus


Back with a new album, “Black & White EP”, George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus stand apart from most of what you’ll hear in the local Detroit music scene. They’re captivating and energizing and inspiring and completely incased with originality. Not to mention, you can feel the soul of the music when they’re performing on stage, and it’s a wonder to watch.  They’ll also be at SECRET FRIENDS FEST this weekend. Listen here!

After Dark Amusement Park – “Jack Knife”

After Dark Amusement Park


After Dark Amusement Park plays an alternative rock sound with biting vocals. Their band name does quite the job with painting a picture of who you might think they are – a bit glam rock, sprinkled in a few melodic ballads and layered guitar. See them live at SECRET FRIENDS FEST on Friday in Ferndale! Looking for some tunes? Check these out!

WILSON – “Better Off (Strictly Doods)”



A head-banging punk-rock band, WILSON has influences and sounds of the Suicide Machines, We Came As Romans and Black Dahlia Murder. And just when you think all you’re getting is screaming vocals and slashing guitars, they throw a curveball and spit out a dancing, elegant melody that steadily builds back up in tempo. Check them out here!

TART – “Feel Someone”

Just getting started, TART a new project created by The Hounds Below bassist, Adam Michael Lee Padden, is already pumping out catchy little numbers. This new track, “Feel Someone,” starts off with beautiful, full vocals and deep lyrics and splashes into a danceable, jingly beat. Hear it here and see them on Saturday in Ferndale for SECRET FRIENDS FEST!

Rebel Spies – “Fire When Ready”

Rebel Spies


Claiming they’re a “Love letter to hardcore and punk,” Rebel Spies certainly lives up to their word. A new take on old punk-rock, Rebel Spies channels the scene of the 1980s hardcore-punk era. They’ve got “a hardcore spirit and a punk rock heart.” Don’t miss out – hear them here!

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Your fave local act not listed? Tell us about them in the comments!