Hey, hey, Detroit music lovers! Instead of digging deep into Detroit’s underground music scene, we thought we’d shine a light on all those that came before. You know, those big-time stars of the “D” that we have to thank for making Detroit one of the music staples of the world!

Go on in…the water’s warm…

Eminem – “So Far…”


(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Eminem proves yet again that he’s on top of his game – and he’s representing his home, the “D,” better than ever. To quote directly from the song: “Maybe that’s why I can’t leave Detroit, it’s the motivation that keeps me going, this is the inspiration I need, I can never turn my back on a city that made me.” Hear more from his new album here!

Madonna – “Hung Up”


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If there is anything this queen-bee has taught us, it’s that she’s got staying power. Her first album debuted in 1983 – it’s 30 years later, and she’s still as glamorous as ever. Madonna has captivated the hearts of generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. Check her out here!

Juan Atkins – “The Chase”

Juan Atkins

(credit: nme.com)

C’mon techno fans, put your hands up for Detroit! We brought you one of the first – and most influential – techno musicians. Juan Atkins is widely considered the creator of techno music, specifically Detroit techno. He was the son of a concert promoter and was constantly in the face of new music, it’s only natural that he took it into his own hands. Hear “The Chase” here!

The White Stripes – “Rag and Bone”

The White Stripes

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Deep-rooted in blues-rock with an element of early punk layered in, The White Stripes dominated all that was Detroit rock from the early 2000s. Jack White and The White Stripes were the epitome of who every rock band coming out of Detroit idolized and aspired to be like…and we’re sure they will continue to influence upcoming acts as time goes on. Check them out here!

Bob Seger – “Against The Wind”

Bob Seger

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Bob Seger may have one of the most distinguishable voices in the music industry – with his character-defining raspy, shouting vocals, he’s hard to mistake. He trademarked a style of rock-n-roll that took over the late ‘70s and into the late ‘80s. That’s not to say his music holds no bearing on today – he’s still touring and playing his good ol’ rock-n-roll. Check him out here!

Aretha Franklin – “Think”

Aretha Franklin

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

The original “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin stood as more than just a talented singer and musician – her song “Respect” has been hailed as the anthem for the civil rights and feminism movements. She also holds 18 Grammy Awards and has sold over 75 million records worldwide. Talk about a superstar. Check out her website here!

Smokey Robinson – “Baby That’s Backatcha”

Smokey Robinson

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Hit after hit, Smokey Robinson has stood the test of time with his smooth R&B tunes right out of Motown. A staple in the Detroit Motown movement, Smokey Robinson iconized a style of music with his band The Miracles…and with his solo stuff, too. Check him out here!

Kid Rock – “Cowboy”

Kid Rock

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Kid Rock has created a style of music that’s known as “Midwest hip hop.” It has elements of heavy metal, country, and rap rock. Not only making a name for himself in the music industry – Kid Rock has stood out as an activist for many charitable organizations and has made large donations over the years. What a good guy! Check him out here!

We Came As Romans – “Fade Away”

We Came As Romans

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

We Came As Romans is a melodic metalcore band from Detroit that takes the hardcore metal with a more harmonious feel. With only three studio albums released, We Came As Romans have already made quite the name for themselves in both the indie and national music scenes. Their latest album topped the US Indie charts at number one and the US Billboard charts at number eight.  Check them out here!

Alice Cooper – “Welcome To My Nightmare”

Alice Cooper

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

Alice Cooper is known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock” and with good reason. His concerts never failed to shock and awe crowds with guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and even baby dolls. Aside from his stage presence, Alice Cooper packs a mighty punch with his rock anthems that are more than iconic today. Check him out here!

Let us know in the comments if you have Detroit favorite that we must know about!

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