This time of year, families all across America reflect and give thanks.  For many families, especially ones facing cancer, being thankful for life and health are number one priorities. This is sometimes made even more difficult when it’s a child whose life is the main focus. That’s why a crowd showed up bright and early to Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights on Saturday, Nov. 23. It was all to say “thanks” to St. Jude for what they do for children and families.

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No matter if you’re personally affected or a participant who understands and sees the need for such an organization — everyone at the “Give thanks. Walk.” was in the spirit of community and thanks. Event participant Lisa says, “It’s good to see so many people.”

Another participant Jeanette Mercer says, “St. Jude is a phenomenal organization. I don’t think there’s any better charity out there for kids!”

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Volunteer Samantha joined the cause with her dad to make balloon animals for the children. “You never know how blessed you are until you see someone else like that, it’s good to help,” she said.

Rob Stone of WYCD underscored the importance of the event. “It’s events like this, that St. Jude puts on that makes it possible for the hospital to run, makes it possible for them to find cures for these children,” he said.

Last year the event raised $70,000 and this year increased to $105,000.

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The hospital offers free medical care for families stricken with a child in need of treatment for cancer. Without community events and involvement this would not be possible. The CW50 Street Team was delighted and thankful that they got a chance to go out to this event and meet so many awesome and amazing people. Most importantly, we’re thankful for the opportunity to be a part of raising awareness of St. Jude hospital and what they do for families and the community as a whole.

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