Detroit Proud music fans! The first week of November has officially set in and as winter creeps closer and closer, we thought…what a better way to warm up than to curl up with a set of some of the best local bands?

And don’t miss some of the acts on the list this week at the YpsiFest 9 music festival next weekend at Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti – with 36 bands on two stages.

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Go on…you know you want to…

Warhorses – “She Was The Universe”



Hypnotic. Alluring. Captivating. Warhorses embellish a sense of wonder with their music; they drag you in and intoxicate you with a dark trance, a compelling soul and deep lyrics. Check them out here!

Almost Free – “20 Something”

Almost Free


Almost Free has graced our playlist before – they’re just worth mentioning again for two reasons: 1) They have a large collection of music that should be heard. 2) They’re one of those iconic local bands that will be remembered. Check them out here!

Javelins – “The Pounding”



Javelins play a sort of shoegaze indie-pop blend. With dancing guitar melodies and catchy lyrics, Javelins captures a youthful glow with their sound. Check them out here!

Silent Lions – “Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment”

Silent Lions


Resonating with heart and soul, Silent Lions are on the forefront of our generation with their inspired sound. Echoing lyrics and delicate melodies will lure you to keep listening. Silent Lions aren’t actually from Detroit – they’re from Toledo – but they play here often enough, we’ll give them an honorary mention. Check more from them here!

Red Haired Molly – “Got Nothing”

Red Haired Molly


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Red Haired Molly is a five piece pop-punk-rock band from Chelsea, Michigan. Melodic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics make them easily favorable. Check out their website here for more tunes!

Nice Hooves – “White Knuckle”

Nice Hooves


“Detroit hardcore punk” is how Nice Hooves describe themselves – and that’s exactly what you get, only with a modern twist on old punk rock. Check them here!

French Method – “Phantasm”

French Method


Who knew that Eddie Baranek from The Sights also performs in another band, right here in Detroit? French Method is their name and they’re quickly developing a unique sound – a sort of scuzzy punk-pop. Give them a listen here!

Old Gods – “Snakeoil Painting 1”

Old Gods


Old Gods play traditional hard metal rock – with ripping, shredding guitar, heavy bass and screaming lyrics. Think bands like Godsmack, but with a Detroit grit on top. Check them out here!

Double Weirdo – “Solitary Windows”

Double Weirdo


Originally a duo of self-proclaimed weirdoes, Double Weirdo is now a trio and they sound better than ever. Jingly and dancing patters of guitar, poppy beats and resonating vocals give Double Weirdo their unique sound – a stylized-glam punk-rock. Check them out here!

All The Wild Children – “The Ropes”

All The Wild Children


All The Wild Children play that raucous punk rock, with heavy guitar shreds, angst, and wild performances. In the midst of the show, they also incorporate a bluesy rock feel. Check more from them here!

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