Anime fans of all ages came out to the weekend long Youmacon event. Hosted in two locations, Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center, die-hard fans walked back and forth Jefferson avenue to partake in all of the excitement. Several events, games, and activities took place for people to enjoy. Gamers could have a ball at the special gaming room set up in the Ren Cen. Dance Dance Revolution and of course anime themed action video games were some of the most played in the room. Fans could play games as individuals or partner up to take on competitors.

Other events included a Live Action Mario Party, where team leaders played musical chairs. Noah Dugan was the winner of the  game earning two free passes for Youmacon 2014. When Jennifer Buhaj, from the Street Team asked him what his strategy for winning was, Noah said, “I didn’t have one. I was just hoping for the best.” Craft booths displayed character art, costumes, masks, and other show themed goodies. Cosplay (costume play) brought out the inner anime super hero or villan out of everyone. Anna Hayes, dressed as Yuuko Ichihara from XXX Holic said, “I’ve been attending since I was seven and it just keeps getting better every year.”

The CW50 Street Team had a blast at this event learning about Japanese culture through anime and hopes to attend next year.

Wanna watch other videos from the CW50 Street Team? Click here!


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