Welcome to this edition of the Detroit Proud Weekly Playlist! We’ve dug deep into the alleys of Detroit to find you the best of the known – and the unknown – this city has to offer!

So, click your heels together three times and jump right in!

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The Hard Lessons – “Feel Alright”

The Hard Lessons

(credit: en.wikipedia.org)

The Hard Lessons are known for their high-energy performances and unique sound. They were named the 2006 Artist of the Year by Real Detroit Weekly! Hear the song “Feel Alright” live here!

The Silent Years – “Someone To Keep Us Warm”

The Silent Years

(credit: impact89fm.com)

The Silent Years are heavily influenced by Jeff Buckley and Flaming Lips, their sound is a mix of honeyed melodies, compelling bursts of emotion, and layered with multiple tempo changes. Though The Silent Years are no longer together, frontman Josh Epstein is now putting his talents to use with Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr! Check out The Silent Years’ Facebook page here!

Javelins – “The Pounding”


(credit: javelins.bandcamp.com)

Javelins capture the most out of danceable post-punk rock, yet they slap you in the face with a synth-y shoegaze feel and propelling rhythms. Imagine the splendor of Radiohead with the rush and pep of the Talking Heads. Check out their Bandcamp page here!

Warhorses – “Joyful Boy”


(credit: warhorses.bandcamp.com)

Think of dark, brooding trance-rock…that’s Warhorses. They’re tempestuous, they’re hypnotic, and you will groove to the swirl of fluid and embodied melodies. Check them out here!

Growwing Pains – “Tonight”

Growwing Pains

(credit: facebook.com/growwingpains)

The Growwing Pains do the gritty-Detroit garage rock that Detroit is most known for. The have thumping beats, hard-hitting bass lines, sweeping guitar riffs, and angst-ridden lyrics. Check out “Tonight” performed live here!

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Characteristics – “Service Industry”


(credit: characteristics.bandcamp.com)

Deeming themselves “suede-wave,” Characteristics compel a very unique sound. There’s a bit of a dark electronic ambiance, but then you get a heavy space-driven rock on top. They’re out to surprise you. Check out more from them here!

The Amino Acids – “Explosive Heads”

The Amino Acids

(credit: last.fm)

The Amino Acids are known for their energetic live performances – they’re into complete chaos with each performance. They claim to be “time-travelling aliens,” and they play in the key of surf-rock, winding guitars, and groovy rhythms. Find more from them here!

The Wrong Numbers – “Found A Love”

The Wrong Numbers

(credit: facebook.com/thewrongnumbers)

The Wrong Numbers are your quintessential party-rock band; they captivate crowds with lively performances and classic rock and roll. They say they’re in music for the fun, and it really shows in their performances. Hear “Found A Love” live here!

Duende – “Detroit J” Featuring Passalacqua


(credit: duendetroit.bandcamp.com)

This band will take you by surprise. Duende is not what you’d expect at first listen; there are elements of soul, funk, country, rock, rap, and even a little jazz. They’re creating their own style, and it’s truly something to be heard. Check out their Bandcamp here for more!

Bad Indians – “Sun People”

Bad Indians

(credit: badindians.bandcamp.com)

Bad Indians sound like a mix of modern day rock mixed with the groovy psychedelic rock of the ‘60s. They give you whimsical, swirling guitar, with catchy lyrics and layering harmonies. Check out more here!

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