This week’s Detroit Proud playlist is a flashback to this past weekend’s Fallout Fest 2013 – Detroit’s newest music festival featuring an eclectic set list of some of Detroit’s best! Our playlist is jam-packed with some of the highlights from the night…So, in case you missed the Fest this past Saturday – or if you just want it on repeat – this playlist is for you!

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Check these tracks out – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Sugar Baron – “Lion Heart”

Sugar Baron


“Lion Heart” off of Sugar Baron’s second album, Sharon is Karen, starts off with echoing synths that gradually build into an orchestra of electronic waves – then it snaps into a quick-paced tempo of lush vocals and catchy lyrics, all with the ringing of a symphony underneath. This trio-group will make you want to dance, sway with the rhythm, and sing along out loud. Check them out here!

Wasabi Dream – “There Will Be Drums”

Wasabi Dream


Some of the track titles, and admittedly the band’s name, can leave you wondering if they’re serious about their music – we’re here to tell you: they’re serious and you want to know about them. They combine a unique balance of progressive and psychedelic rock – giving you the spacey ambiance of Pink Floyd while layering in bombast and melody of Porcupine Tree. Hear more here!

Laura Finlay – “Making Friends With Shadows”

Laura Finlay


Singer and songwriter, Laura Finlay was one of the most anticipated acts to perform at the Fallout Fest this year. She grew up in a musical family, her father was an opera singer, and she’s jumping head first into Detroit’s local music scene. Laura is strapped with soulfully powerful voice that has whimsical smokiness about it. Check her out here!

George Morris – “9 Lives”

George Morris


This track is actually before there was George Morris and The Gypsy Chorus, though they do play it together live at their shows. Speaking of their live performances, they are definitely one of those groups that are worth seeing live – even much more energy in their live performance than what you already experience on their records. Hear more here!

FlashClash – “Vapor Clouds”

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FlashClash makes ethereal electro pop music from the future – yes, you heard right, they’re making music from the future. They give you pulsating electronic synths, overlaid with poppy beats, while visually entertaining you with a mesmerizing light show. Check them out here! 

The HandGrenades – “Easier”

The HandGrenades


Jesse, The HandGrenades newest member, had a big hand in bringing together this year’s inaugural Fallout Fest. The HandGrenades do that good-time-feel pop rock with catchy lyrics and harmonizing vocals. They’re a must-see for anyone new to the Detroit music scene. Hear more from them here!

The Kickstand Band – “Sealed With A Kiss”

The Kickstand Band


The Kickstand Band can go from an airy-poppy tune about sunshine and summer to a rockier jam with funky beats. That does not mean they are inconsistent with their sound – if anything’s certain, it’s that they’re fun. Check them out here!

The Vonneguts – “Three Birds”

The Vonneguts


The Vonneguts play a heavier rock with harmonic melodies, and you’ll catch yourself humming along after listening just once. You will find them playing at venues like PJ’s Lagerhouse and The Painted Lady, but they say they prefer the intimacy of a house show. Excavating rock, they’re a show you don’t want to miss. Hear more here!

Mexican Knives – “Make This Moment”

Mexican Knives


Mexican Knives have shared the stage with The Beets, Sugarcoats, Psychic Feline, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, and many other bands. They’re quickly making a name for themselves in area with their punk-rock yet ambient vibe. Check more from them here!

Electric Corpse – “She Lets The Light In”

Electric Corpse


Electric Corpse actually couldn’t make it to the Fest, but we wanted to give them an honorable mention anyway. An alternative rock band with a goth flair, a three piece band that laces poetic lyrics over a low hum of dramatic melodies and consistent rhythms – think Morrissey but with more heart and less ego. Check them out here!

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What was your favorite part of this year’s Fallout Fest?
(We’re partial to the light-up hula-hooper!)