An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and at the Apple Festival in New Boston, there were plenty to go around. The Apple Fest has been a staple in this Huron Charter Township area since 1979. “We come every year… It’s a family tradition “say fest goers when asked if they were having fun at the fest. One of the Apple Fest’s committee members, Michael Glaab, says “the great thing about Apple Fest is it’s more of a community homecoming”. This could not be truer, with local New Boston residents attending the event in droves, not to mention those who came from other areas. The event is typically enjoyed by around 20-thousand people according to Michael Glaab.

The CW50 Street Team did not hesitate to join in on the fun. Face painting, air brushed tattoos, balloon animals, and rides were all at the event. Saving the best for last was of course, the apples! Fresh apples, apple pie, apple cider, apple fritters, and apple strudel were just some of the many apple-related goodies you could find at the fest.

The fest also had many favorite carnival-style foods like elephant ears, corn dogs, and french fries. When Valerie Rader was asked what she likes most about the Apple Fest she responded without pause, “The Food”! Churches, individuals, and community groups all came out to sell homemade pies, crafts, raffle tickets, and many other things. Doreen McLain, a decorative painter, comes out to the fest to sell some of her decorated crafts. “We take old things and we recycle them and we make them beautiful”. Doreen decorates old bowls, pans, anything she can find and turns them into beautiful new objects for festival goers to buy. Family fun and a strong community atomshpere is what helps to make the New Boston Apple Festival one of a kind. The CW50 Street Team really enjoyed coming out to eat, play, and laugh with the people of New Boston at the Apple Festival.

Click here for more videos from the CW50 Street Team.


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