This week’s playlist is loaded with enough singer-songwriters to satisfy even the hungriest of musical hearts – every style from country to Americana to pop – there’s a track for everyone on the list! We’ve also thrown in a few indie-rock bands to balance things out, and a few Detroit old-time favorites, too.

Get ready, dive in, and see what Detroit has to offer!

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Almost Free – “Really Don’t Know (About You)”

Almost Free


This little indie-rock gem has been playing around Metro Detroit for the past 10 years. They perfectly combine the best of progressive rock and psychedelic groove, with poppy undertones. Give them a listen, and find their Bandcamp page here!

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas – “Caught Up”

Jessica Hernandez


Jessica Hernandez is the “unforgettable” (as she’s often described) singer and songwriter with the spirit of Detroit live inside of her. She’s got the spunk and sass of No Doubt with the soulful voice of Adele. Give her and her band, The Deltas a listen here!

The Paper Sound – “The Light’s Alive”

The Paper Sound


This track off of The Paper Sound’s album “The Struggle with the Light” is a burst of energized, acoustic guitar melodies and poppy, catchy lyrics. It harmonizes as much as it makes you want to dance. Check out more here!

Ty Stone – “Anywhere’s Better”

Ty Stone


Splice together the perfect combination of southern rock with country flair and you’ve got yourself Ty Stone. He grew up right here in Detroit and his music was heavily influenced by Motown and other greats such as Bob Seger. Check out the video to “Anywhere’s Better” here!

Doop and The Inside Outlaws – “Heartbreaker”

Doop and The Inside Outlaws


Doop and the Inside Outlaws are for all of you country music fans out there. Don “Doop” Duprie is the singer/songwriter with the smoky voice that is just aching to be heard. He’s won multiple awards for his songwriting and has even achieved some national attention! Plus, did you know he’s the mastermind behind those tasty pies at 3rd Street Bar in Detroit? Check him and the band out here!

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The Von Bondies – “Only To Haunt You”

The Von Bondies


Did you know The Von Bondies got their lucky break by playing a New Year’s Eve show in Detroit in 2000? How, you ask? The owner of the Sympathy for the Record Industry label was in attendence at the show, this led to Sympathy releasing the band’s debut album in 2001 – the rest is history. Check out more from the iconic Detroit band here!

String of Ponies – “Sad Parade”

Strings of Ponies


Alison Lewis, singer/songwriter, has been playing music for more than a decade. She got her start in coffee shops and local stages around the Metro Detroit area and today, she’s traveled overseas and played in Europe! Give her a listen here!

Matt D’Mits – “Bury Me With My Guitar”

Matt D'Mits


Matt D’Mits, originally a member of Doop and The Inside Outlaws, sings the harmonic songs that ring to the tune of country, mixed in with a rock-Americana blend. His vocals and lyrics are what set him apart from others. Check more out here!

The Gories – “I Think I’ve Had It”

The Gories


One of the first garage rock bands to come out of Detroit, The Gories captured that angst and energy that helped cultivate the punk-rock movement, and they did it with a Detroit-grit spin on top. Hear the song “I Think I’ve Had It” here!

Electric Six – “Danger! High Voltage”

Electric Six


They’ve been described as everything from garage to disco, punk rock to new wave…and even metal.The were in the center of the scene that produced other Detroit acts, such as The White Stripes. Did you know their original band name was The Wildbunch? Check out their website for more information here!

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Did we miss your favorite? Tell us about which Detroit bands you’re listening to in the comments!