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There are witches. There are werewolves. There are vampires. Then there’s Klaus. Part vampire/part werewolf, he’s the original hybrid. That makes him immortal. It also makes him arrogant, angry, and paranoid.

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Klaus is a character from “The Originals,” a new series by the executive producer of “The Vampire Diaries” premiering on The CW on October 3rd at 9:00pm. Starting October 10th, “The Originals” moves to its home on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm as a lead in for “Supernatural.” Yep, that’s right, folks. Twisty, enigmatic, underground deceptions are everywhere you turn on The CW. Just in time for Halloween.

Our latest anti-heroes control the dark side of the city of New Orleans, subjugating the witch and vampire populations with fear and threats of murder if rules are broken. The self-proclaimed King of the Quarter is Marcel, an amiable, charismatic vampire played magnetically by actor Charles Michael Davis.

Marcel’s myriad of toothy grins provide a stark contrast to the rage brewing inside Marcel’s friend and sire, Klaus, whose family formerly ruled New Orleans a hundred years ago. Klaus returns to his hometown to seek knowledge from the witches hunting him. Namely, why are they hunting him?

Enter Jane and her sister Sophie. Sadly, like the fate of most witches, casting spells doesn’t pay the bills, so they work at a bar. They have a strong message for Marcel, who best listen up. Them French Quarter witches aren’t to be trifled with. “This is our town,” says Jane. “If we don’t fight for it, we might as well pack up and get out.”

But the oppressed witches don’t leave. They prepare for a backstabbing, double-crossing battle to cement their power in New Orleans. The pilot includes a pivotal plot twist with a witch named Hayley. She recognizes Klaus from a former brief encounter that resulted in lifelong consequences (i.e. forever since werewolves are immortal.)

Charles Michael Davis as Marcel (credit:

Charles Michael Davis as Marcel (credit:

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A Show Of Force

As Klaus’s jealousy builds over Marcel’s established reign of the French Quarter, he reconnects with his brother, Elijah. Allegiances are formed, kinda like on a reality show when players are thrown to the wolves. However, it doesn’t appear anyone will be winning immunity from the, um, half-werewolves. This poses a huge risk for the majority vampire community since the bite of a werewolf can kill a vampire. No immunity on a reality show equals going home early. No immunity in New Orleans? You die.

Klaus also has a sister, Rebekah, who lurks about making phone calls to Elijah and hoping the witches have found a way to kill Klaus. “Our brother rarely brings us anything but pain,” she says. I expect her role to expand in future episodes as the three siblings are “distrustful acquaintances tied by a bloodline.” I wouldn’t trust her.

Plotting to knock Marcel off his throne, witch Sophie describes him as an “out-of-control, orphaned street rat.” She blackmails Klaus and Elijah into a potential alliance. Will they comply with her demands? Or will individual quests for power triumph over family, love, and loyalty?

If Klaus is to regain control of his former hometown, he must discover what secret weapon Marcel possesses over magic and the witches. Watch “The Originals” to find out which force will prevail as King (or Queen) of the Quarter.

 “The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8:00pm on CW50, with its series premiere on Thursday, October 3rd at 9:00pm.

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