Smiling faces, singing, and dancing greeted families and friends at the Autism Speaks event. The CW50 Street Team came out to Meadowbrook Music Festival Grounds on the campus of Oakland University to take part in the celebration.

Families from all over came out in support of autism to spread awareness, dispel myths, and to support children. The atmosphere was energetic and fun, spreading a message of positivity.

Motivational speaker and autism advocate, Anthony Ianni, likes to encourage kids and families to strive for their dreams. He says “To never giving up on anything and to know that your family is going to be there to support you no matter what.” As a person with autism Anthony attended and graduated from Michigan State University and played on the basketball team. These were some things doctors didn’t believe he would ever be able to do. By telling his story Anthony hopes that kids and families will see that their futures are not predictable and that anything can happen. He wants kids to keep trying and know that they too can accomplish their goals in life. The CW50 Street Team had a great time talking to many parents, friends, and children with autism.

Check out the the photo gallery and upload your photos here!


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