First week back to school got you down? We’ve got a playlist of music that will put the pep back into your step. Each one of the tracks on the list this week are from up-and-coming names, so as your first homework assignment – make sure you take notes!

Check them out!

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Oscillating Fan Club – “Sympathetic Strings”

Oscillating Fan Club


Imagine if you took all of the psychedelic-echoing jam of Pink Floyd and threw a layer of the reverb -bluesy sounds of The Black Keys, sound good yet? Yeah, well the Oscillating Fan Club is just that and more – their sound is also completely danceable for those of you who like to groove. They also just dropped their first full-length LP. Check them out here!

Casual Sweetheart – “That Girl”

Casual Sweetheart


An all-girl progressive-rock band from the Ann Arbor area is quickly making a name for themselves. They perfectly capture an innocent sweetness – but that doesn’t mean they don’t rock. You’ll find yourself swept away in a cloud of happiness one minute, then smacked in the face with their sassiness. Check them out here!

Pink Lightning – “Why I Drink Fancy”

Pink Lightning


The front man of this poppy-punk rock band has such energy, drive, and stage presence you want to jump on stage with him and rock out. Oh, and they have an accordion player in the group? Not many bands can say that. Check out their Bandcamp for more!

Golden Torso – “Broken Extra Arms”

Golden Torso


“Bumming out eardrums since 2011” is their motto…and they do a good job of living up to it. Golden Torso is the traditional punk-rock band that personifies teenage angst. They’re noisy, wiry, buzzy, and cranky…make sure you’re not too close to the amp at their next show. Check out more here!

His Name Is Alive – “Can’t Go Wrong Without You”

His Name Is Alive


Through a long-run of albums, successes, and touring, His Name Is Alive, the experimental-rock group, only held one consistent member, Warren Defever. The 1993 album Mouth by Mouth showcases Defever’s love of ‘60s psychedelic pop, reggae, and free jazz. Listen to “Can’t Go Wrong Without You” here!

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Of Mice And Musicians – “Livin’ Right”

Of Mice And Musicians


Often described as a cross between 311 and The Roots, Of Mice And Musicians are an energetic, progressive-thinking hip hop group that puts on animated lively shows. They’re influences range from Radiohead to Tool – hear their album Bottles & Bones here!

Secret Twins – “Hands Up (Arms Down)”

Secret Twins


Secret Twins is the jamming duo with a pop-rock sound and echoing vocals. Their music makes you want to jump out of your seat and sway to the beat. Secret Twins are upbeat and fun-loving with the soul of a hippie-child. Check them out here!

ADULT – “Turn Into Fever”



An extremely experimental band, ADULT integrates their vocals with drum machines, analog synths, and electronic and punk elements. Not only are they popular here in the Metro Detroit area, they’re also a big name over in Germany and the United Kingdom. Check out their music here!

Matthew Dear – “Dog Days”

Matthew Dear


Widely-popular electronic DJ Matthew Dear’s music is full of “lust, and love, and dark shadows” and a sense of endlessness that makes you feel like the city is always awake. Sounds like the perfect combination for an all-night dance party! Check out his website here.

The Sight Below – “Shimmer”

The Sight Below


So…The Sight Below is technically from Seattle, however they’re currently signed to Ann Arbor’s own Ghostly International Records, therefore they make our list. The Sight Below are an ambient, techno-y band, and their music has received much praise, including from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Check out what all the hype is about here!

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Are we forgetting someone? Tell us about your fave Detroit jam in the comments.