Rain showers looked like a possibility at the festival. The sky was grey filled with clouds as hopeful adults and children wished for no “cat-and-dog weather!” Rain or no rain the event put smiles on kid’s faces of all ages. Only the Third Annual Fairy Tale Festival at the Ford House in Grosse Pointe shores would have kids grinning from ear to ear in excitement. With this year’s theme being Alice’s Wonderland, it wasn’t a surprise when the Sun came out and shined. Magically things happen when you make wishes in a land of adventure!

The CW50 Street Team caught all the actions. Kids came dressed up in their favorite Disney costumes and took pictures with popular Wonderland characters. Kids could decorate cups, ride ponies and watch Puppets take center stage for a puppet show. The battle of all battles happened on the battleground at Slay The Jabberwocky area. Street Team members, Krystle and Jennifer, swung their swords and used Homer Simpson and Sheldon as shields for protection. The camera was snatched out of Aaron’s hands, and Krystle spoke with Disney Character Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, saying the event is “Much better than Kansas!”

The Fairy Tale Festival was great! Not only did kids enjoy the festival, but parent had a blast too. There were storytellers, photo opportunities and theatrical performances. The CW50 Street Team had fun wondering in Alice’s Wonderland at the Ford House. The Fairy Tale Festival was a wonderland experience!


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