By: Alex Hill (CBS 62 / CW50 Intern)

Summer is here and we all love spending the day outside with our beloved pets. But with temperatures on the rise we need to be careful with our animals. Dogs have been collapsing in backyards, on sidewalks and in cars.

The Animal Care Network, a division of the Michigan Animal Adoption Network, reported that cats and dogs have been suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion in Pontiac and Inkster. It has been a struggle for these animals to walk without collapsing. Heat stroke can happen in as little as ten minutes.

To prevent heat stroke the Animal Care Network recommends that caregivers keep fresh water available and keep dogs in shaded areas. Dogs enjoy cooling down in small “kiddy” pools.  Avoid energetic exercises, walking and do not leave pets in your car.

Your pet may be suffering heat stroke if he shows these signs. Watch out for increased temperature, vigorous panting/thick saliva, dark red gums, collapse and/or loss of consciousness, dizziness and unable to get up. These signs will alert you to take action. It is in your best interest to move your pet from heat and the sun immediately. You should seek a local veterinarian as soon as possible. Cool your pet down slowly by placing a cool washcloth or towel on their body. You should focus most attention on their foot pads and head. Only offer cool water DO NOT use very cold water or ice.

Make sure that your pet is vaccinated! If your pet lives outdoors, make sure that the area is clean to avoid flies that feed off of dogs. If you see a sick cat or dog, inform the owner, local animal shelter, humane society or animal control office directly.

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