(video: Paul Pytlowany/CBS 62)

Enjoy sights and sounds from the Milford Memorial Day parade edited to a poem that defines the holiday and what it means to be an American.

We are Americans

We are recognizable throughout the world.
We hold our heads high.
We look you straight in the eye.
We are Americans.

We are identified by our nationality.
We gladly shake your hand.
We make an honorable stand.
We are Americans.

We know why we are so greatly blessed.
We honor those who paid the price.
We respect those who sacrifice.
We are Americans.

We know from whence our greatness comes.
We thank those heroic men.
We become humble then.
We are Americans.

We cherish those who gave their lives.
Our debt we pay on Memorial Day.
We are Americans.

– poem by Whitney Noel


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