Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! However, this was not the case at the “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo” in Royal Oak this past weekend. Hundreds of people flocked to the Detroit Zoo to see if they could find their new furry companion at this awesome event; sponsored by the Michigan Humane Society.  On the list of animals to adopt were cats, dogs, and even rabbits! Many different groups came together to bring pets able to be adopted. Nancy Gunnigle, Communications Manager at the Michigan Humane Society, said that “32 total groups participating this weekend, and everybody just brought who they have available. Right now, they are all looking for great homes. ”

The Street Team watched as puppies and kittens were being adopted left and right! It was awesome to see all of these amazing animals being adopted throughout the day. All of the groups there with pets to be adopted felt this was a great opportunity to showcase waiting pets. In fact, Connie of Canine Companions Rescue Center said, “We are very fortunate to be invited here.” Additionally, the smiles on the childrens faces as they recieved their new best friend was really a sight to see.

Check out the Street Team’s footage of the event to see more of these cute animals and the people that would bring them to a new home.


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