The walls of the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi could barely contain the enthusiasm and dedication of hardcore comic book fans, television fanatics, and every kind of sci-fi superfan. The Street Team captured all of the excitement as they traveled down the aisles of comic book illustrators and other television and comic memorabilia. Notable celebrities joined in the fun of this event such as Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk), Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride), Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), and Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds). The Motor City Comic Con is truly a superfans dream come true; so much so that The Street Team caught up with Curtis Armstrong during a slight break from the chaos of the fans, and he stated, “If you are interested in this… its the place to be.”

Not only were the celebrities and the collectables great to see, but the costumes were also an amazing sight. People came dressed as their favorite super hero, comic book star, or television icon. The Street Team saw individuals dressed as Star Wars characters, Batman characters, and even video game characters. Kristen Henry, dressed in an extremely detailed Lara Croft costume, could not contain her excitement for Comic Con when she said, “I’m so geeked, I can’t even really say, because if I do, I’d have to kill you.”

Take a look at our video to see the Street Team traverse the halls of the Suburban Collection Showplace for this fantastic event!


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