Ypsilanti (CW50) – The happiest 5k on the planet made a visit to the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area on May 11th.

The Color Run is all about becoming colorful. Participants start the run wearing a clean white shirt, and at every kilometer throughout the run, there is a “color station.” At these, participants are dowsed in colors by volunteers. By the end of the run, people look like rainbows…or at least like they lost a rather peculiar  fight with a clown!

The run in Ypsi was a bit nippy, but running certainly warmed everyone up. The event is all about having fun and not about setting a new record time. The race is un-timed and walking is perfectly acceptable. Honestly, walking is encouraged at the color stations so that volunteers can ensure a good coating of color before runners are off to the next station.

At the finish of the race, there is a “color festival.” With each registration, participants are given a shirt, sweat band, race number, and a color pack. At the color festival, there are several countdowns where participants tear open their color packs and create a color cloud. These color releases are fun and ensure no one gets away clean.

To learn more about the run or to participate, check out their website: TheColorRun.com 

Janus Ajax is one of CW50’s summer interns.  I’m a wandering spirit and rather like mangos. Follow me on twitter @JanusAjax or find me on tumblr at JanusAjax.tumblr.com and have an ever pleasant day.


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