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Who will be the last one sitting? That answer determines the winner of the CW show, “Oh! Sit,” an adult version of the children’s game of musical chairs. Using skill and determination, the Last Sitter can win up to $50,000 or more.

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Hosted and commentated by snarky Jessi Cruickshank and sarcastic Jamie Kennedy, twelve lucky contestants race over obstacles and rush to Chair Island, toward chairs that have secret cash value. After five races, only one winner gets a chair and keeps the money.

The game is described as “full contact musical chairs.” Is it a new sport? As my nephew Carl points out: “All sports are contact sports.” In other words, aggressive players can push and shove each other, right into freezing cold water. Since you can be disqualified for improper conduct, there are four referees stationed around the game area to enforce the rules:

Rule #1: No contact above the neck.

Rule #2: No pushing from behind.

Rule #3: No skipping obstacles.

While the contestants run, fall, and climb, a hipster band plays in the background, seemingly for the entertainment of the spectators/viewing audience. Or maybe they’re for the amusement of Jamie Kennedy. Songs change during each race. Some bands are better than others, but the music helps rev up the pace of the competition.

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Hosts Jamie Kennedy and Jessi Cruickshank (credit:

Hosts Jamie Kennedy and Jessi Cruickshank (credit:

Move Or Be Moved

Wondering about the contestants? According to the color commentary, “They’ve gone through hell and high water to get here…as well as some light paperwork…and possibly traffic.” That’s the lighthearted and funny repartee you can expect from Jessi and Jamie.

Other chuckle-worthy production elements include clever contestant titles. One episode has a cocktail waitress called Body Shots; David “Matzoh Ball;” Jake “Dancey Pants” with his own dance called the Jakey; a mixed martial artist, Lateef, nicknamed Labeef; and a former military serviceman who tells the audience, “Join the Navy; it’s easier than ‘Oh Sit!’”

Some comments fall flat such as “Is Labeef’s bark worse than his bite?” but credit goes to Jessi and Jamie for their continual enthusiasm throughout the races with jokes like “Labeef can’t be-lief he’s been eliminated” and “There’s no chair for a soggy side of Labeef.”

The obstacles have catchy names like Crazy Climber, Drop n Roll, Arch Enemy, and Twisted Twister. Some have movement like the Blender and the Wedgie. Contestants wear shorts with helmets, kneepads, and elbow protection. As the racers drop into 38-degree ice water, they struggle to crawl across bridges. If they’re strong enough, they crawl onto the platform and flop into chairs, looking exhausted and shaken, awaiting the results of money earned.

Will your favorite racer make the Sit List? Watch “Oh Sit!” Monday night at 8:00pm on CW50.

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