Celebrating their new record, “Confessions,” Greg Gogava from My Show Now got a chance to talk with Buckcherry’s lead guitarist Keith Nelson and lead singer Josh Todd on Kid Rock’s Rebel Soul Tour. The band is headed to Australia and Japan before coming back to the states for the summer.

Buckcherry’s new album released in February is based on the 7 sins. The timeless nature of the subject made the process of creating the album unique. Nelson said, “Once we started to write the songs it really took on a life of its own.” “Josh incorporated a story based on his life that he’d been working on and it really just took off from there,” he added.

When asked what the story was behind the band’s hit single “Gluttony,” Todd referenced how most of the members of Buckcherry have dealt with problems of moderation and said, “… everything just goes against our instincts as humans as far as like when we like something we want to do it more.” It’s not hard to see how that would translate well into a good Buckcherry song.

Todd wrote a short film screenplay to complement the story of the album and their seeking funding the project. They originally thought of usuing crowd-funding, but have since decided against it.

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