By: Troy Frisby / CW50 Intern

DC Comics is launching an all-new series of “Justice League of America” comics in a big way!

In a fun move, Michigan, as well as the other 49 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, will have a special version of the first issue with the state flag on the cover.

There are 52 variant covers in all, a tie-in to the “New 52” relaunch of their superhero series. The issue’s cover is a tribute to iconic war photographer Joe Rosenthal’s classic image from World War II.

In the DC Comics version, Justice League superheroes stand in for the U.S. Marines who staked a flag on Mount Suribachi in 1943.  

The heroes include Green Lantern, Catwoman, Vibe and Green Arrow, who also takes center stage in the CW’s new breakout hit “Arrow,” which recently received an early season two pickup.

All of the covers, as well as the rest of the art, were illustrated by series artist David Finch. The first issue of “Justice League of America” was written by Detroit native Geoff Johns, author of several “New York Times” best-selling graphic novels.

 “Justice League of America” #1 is available in stores now.  “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.


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