This week on Street Beat, host Roxanne talks with Jodie Middleton, Middle School Director, and Sara Trotter, Literacy Teacher & Eton’s Literacy Coordinator about Eton Academy and why students with learning challenges do better in specialized schools. Eton is hosting Admissions Open Houses every Tuesday in February from 9-11 am.  Please RSVP on the school’s website at

Then the focus shifts to the problem of bullying. The Daniel Krichbaum, Director of The Michigan Civil Rights Commission, stops by to explain what the state is doing about this issue.

Then Bonnie Hanes, Executive Director of the Oakland Mediation Center, discusses the importance of mediation in bullying situations.

Finally, the four winners of CW50’s “Stand Up for Someone” come up to talk about their efforts to stop bullying.  The Ambassadors are Connor O’Rourke, Faren Bartholomew, and Adeline Stierna from Derby Middle School, and Samantha Zerafa from Berkshire Middle School.

Street Beat: Bullying Seg 1Segment 1

Street Beat: Bullying Seg 2Segment 2

Street Beat: Bullying Seg 3Segment 3

Street Beat: Bullying Seg 4Segment 4

Tune in to “Street Beat” Sundays at 11 a.m. on CW50.

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