CANTON (CW50) — A boy band from Canton was invited this week to perform for the sister of pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

TwentyForSeven sang at Noah Cyrus’ birthday bash in Hollywood Tuesday night.

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Lead singer Rajiv Dhall said the experience was nerve wracking.

“We’ve been in a couple situations like this where we were under a lot of pressure and had to worry about what people of celebrity status would think about it. But we put the fun and the excitement first, and we try to have a good time, and the rest just comes together,” Dhall told WWJ Newsradio 950′s Zahra Huber.

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Guitarist Blake Hayes said the whole experience was unique, from performing for the pop star, to meeting the entire Cyrus family.

“They were a really nice family, too. Like super down-to-earth, really complimentary, and they were genuinely interested in what you had to say. Not that you expect people to be rude, but you just have no idea what someone who has a ton of fame is going to be like,” said Hayes.

The group’s single “All I Ever Wanted” has over 35,000 views on YouTube and has garnered attention from around the world, with comments from people in Germany, Greece, and Columbia.

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TwentyForSeven will perform at Michigan State University on Friday, January 11.