DETROIT (CW50) Judge Mathis loves Detroit and he proved it at Metro Foodland in Detroit, where his bailiff Doyle Devereux handed out $500 gift cards to local people who won the “grocery giveaway” contest.

“He’s just glad to do something like this for his community,” Devereux said about Mathis.

Where will the money go? “I’m going to be able to spend and eat the rest of the year,” said winner Isiah Hereford Jr., loading up his cart.

“I am so ecstatic and thankful and grateful,” said winner Elaine Parker. “Thank you for putting this in place, for supporting the community.”

Virgil Wiese had the distinction of being the very first winner in the contest, and said it was a “very big surprise.”

“I didn’t have a cell phone so my wife got the text,” Wiese said. “I thought it was a hoax!”

But it wasn’t.

“It’s a blessing for me, my family and the community, and thanks for helping us all here in Detroit,” said winner Paula Brissett


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