DETROIT (CW50) Everyone knows the Fire Department is the place to call when you can’t get a cat out of a tree.

But what happens when you can’t get a dog down from a tree?

Michigan Humane Society rescuer Chris Ouwerkerk found out when he got a call saying a dog was living in part of a hollowed tree on Detroit’s west side. She was apparently staying warm the best way she could.

“Basically the dog turned the tree into a doghouse … Dogs are pretty smart and I think this one may have a one-up on other dogs,” Ouwerkerk said.

When he got there, he found an ecstatic four-month-old pit bull, German Shepherd mix with a brindle coat, just waiting for her rescue. The problem went from getting a dog out of a tree to getting a dog to stop licking her rescuer.

“She ran out of the tree, she was very happy to see somebody, very loving, just wanted to be ‘pet me, touch me,’” Ouwerkerk said. “Maple is a very happy dog.”

Watch video of her rescue HERE.


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