On this week’s installment of 99.5 WYCD Dr. Don’s Young Country News we start on kind of a sad note with the band Little Big Town. There’s been a death in the family of one of the members. We’re not sure which, as details are sparse. As soon as more is known, Dr. Don will share it on his radio show. Meanwhile the band has cancelled a number of dates for the funeral and for grieving.

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Now, on to the fun stuff, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott as you may or may not know just got married recently to Chris Tyrell. He’s a drummer. She says that they don’t travel on the same tour bus when they’re on tour. She makes him ride with the band. While she, Charles and Dave still share a tour bus like they’ve done forever. I know what you’re thinking. Can’t they afford their own buses for each one. They can, but they say the magic of being a trio is what they get done and the things they talk about while they’re traveling together. And meanwhile Chris says he’s alright with not traveling with his wife. He kind of prefers the band bus because there’s a lot more partying on that bus.

Finally our wardrobe malfunction story of the day goes to Miranda Lambert. Just before a recent awards show, she was being fit into a designer dress (a really big designer dress she says) when the zipper it not only got stuck, but Miranda said it got “stuck” stuck. It was so bad she couldn’t get in or out of the dress. It was halfway over her head. They were trying to un-zip it. They got her down on the floor. They sat on her. They did everything possible and finally had to cut her out of the dress and put her in a standby for the awards show.

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Don’t miss Dr. Don’s impression of Lambert stuck in the dress as only video can illustrate.

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