By George Fox
CW50 Detroit Blogger

Every once in a while, the Internet surprises you with a gift. Today, while fact checking for a story, I stumbled on a gold mine.

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After confirming the fact that brought me to the page, I curiously scrolled down a bit. The beautiful cornucopia of American style, culture and attitude that unfolded had me and my co-workers glued to the monitor.

This must be how the person felt who discovered Gangnum Style, Chocolate Rain or Double Rainbow. My find may not be on that level yet, but I think you’ll agree that it’s a raw spectacle of American life.

Sundance Chevy, Michigan’s largest used car dealership, has a page on their website featuring hundreds of testimonials in the form of photos of the customers with their cars and a quote describing their experience.

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While there are plenty of testimonials that hit the mark dreamed up by the well-meaning public relations staffer — others are … interesting.

The latter fall into one or more of these categories: “Too Sexy,” “Car Touching,” “Caption Mismatch,” “Unfortunate Typo,” “Sleeveless Shirts,” “Random Referee,” “Off Guard” and “Why!?”

Trust me, I’ve been photographed in questionable attire and settings many times. I’ve also said things that don’t make sense. I’m not claiming to be better than any of these fine citizens, but the sum of the awesomeness accumulated on this small corner of the Web is something more people should know about.

If you have nothing pressing to do for the next 15 or 20 minutes — visit and see what their fabulous customers are saying about the car buying experience. Looks like they have no shortage of satisfied customers.

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