Courtesy of:
Becca Ritchie from CW69 in Atlanta

[Spoilers from episode 6 below]

The election! After five episodes of teasing whether or not Ruby Jeffries would dethrone Lavon Hayes, we finally have a Mayor in Bluebell, Alabama. Keep reading to find out who won in the crazily close race. Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Zoe Hart teaches Magnolia how to drive in exchange for giving Dr. Breeland a heath examination. But it turns out his mopey behavior and pouty face can all be explained by love sickness. Zoe finds out that Dr. Breeland’s girlfriend Emily hasn’t responded to him in more than two days. After he has a heart to heart with Zoe, he realizes he’s forgotten to vote. So he quickly checks off Lavon’s name on the absentee ballot and seals it in an envelope. He gives it to Zoe to turn in, but she promised to drive with Magnolia first.

Little does she know, that one vote is the deciding factor in the election. Ruby and Lavon are tied for Mayor, and if Zoe doesn’t give the ballot back in time, then the pickin’ chicken is going to choose the new leader of the town. Luckily, Zoe brings the ballot right before the chicken is let loose, and Lavon is declared Mayor.

The Great: Lemon confesses to her BFF Annabeth that she fell in love with Lavon some time ago, and now that she’s a single woman, she still has feelings for him and would like to pursue it. The only problem? Well, when Lavon is declared Mayor, he’s caught kissing his opponent in the parking lot. Ruby also says that she’ll be sticking around for a while, but this time, it’s for love. Swoon — and major Love Triangle alert! I prefer this love triangle to the Wade-Zoe-George one. Partly because I can see either Ruby or Lemon in Lavon’s arms. And because it’s so clear that Zoe and Wade are meant to be. Don’t you think?

The Brilliant: Lemon has to scrounge for votes after Lavon bombs the debate. Well, he doesn’t necessarily bomb, but I’d say flirting with your opponent when asked why you should be Mayor isn’t exactly going to win hearts and minds. Damage control goes under way as Lemon pinpoints voters who might not have made a decision yet. This includes a strange trailer six feet out of the Bluebell town line. Wade’s nominated to find out who occupies the trailer, and weirdly enough, Tansy — his ex-wife — resides in the mobile home. She refuses to move her trailer six feet in order to be eligible to vote.

George convinces Tansy to vote by letting her cut his hair to be a walking advertisement for her beauty school profession. Wade hitches the trailer to his truck anyway, and Tansy’s razor takes a chunk out of George’s fluffy mane. Wade drags her trailer all the way to the city hall, but it’s too late. Voting has closed, and Tansy’s reputation as a beautician is sunk.

George wasn’t much help solidifying a vote for Lavon either. He convinced the beer distributor Paisley — a girl he’s been dating — to vote, but she actually checked off Ruby’s name on the ballot. Uh-oh. Their convo ended in a yelling match. Known fact: Politics and relationships don’t mix well.

I think we should tally up how many scenes begin and end with Zoe and Wade in bed together. Not complaining. At all. And on another note, Tansy and George flirted a little throughout the episode, and they even ended spending quality time in her trailer together. Hmm, so now that George Tucker has cut ties with Paisley, he’s moved on to Wade’s ex-wife. That’s sure to create some rifts in Bluebell.


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