The Detroit Artists Market has been around for 80 years and it helps not only the artists but collectors and the community.

“What we do is we show and sell work by area artists,” said Nancy Sizer the gallery’s director. “Detroit is attracting a very creative element. Particularly here in mid-town there’s a lot of energy around that,” she continued.

Here at the artists market, what we see is we see more people coming into the gallery. That’s really our goal and our mission is to be able to show and sell the work and also to connect audiences and help teach them and to experience and connect with the work and with the artists themselves and build that community to keep growing,” said Sizer.

The market has been located in several buildings in Detroit including 1432 Farmer Street and 108 Madison Avenue Quarter before settling at it’s current 4719 Woodward Avenue location.

Getting work in the DAM can be a good deal for artists, “When we sell the artwork here we pay two thirds of that out to the artist which is a really high commission rate …” said Sizer. “… we’re a part of that economic engine of showing the work and putting money back in their pockets and back in the community and keeping that cycle going,” she added.

Sizer points to the uniqueness of the area and how creative the artists are, “Detroit really supports that nature.”

Connect with the Detroit Artists Market on their official site and Facebook.


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