For Catching Up: Bands On The Road, the My Show crew got a chance to talk to bands on the Uproar Fest 2012 stop in Detroit including Julian Tomarin and Mark “Kaz” Kasperczk from Redlight Kings and Rick DeJesus from Adelitas Way.

John Oakes co-producer of Uproar Fest 2012 is excited to bring the tour into its third year. Listing some of the successes they’ve had in past Oakes said, “It’s been great. Over the years — in 2010 we had Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold. Last year we had Avenged Sevenfold headlining with Seven Days Grace and this year we have Shinedown and Godsmack so we’ve always had really consistent big headliners with big success at radio and it’s been a great tour so far.”

Putting together a concert of this magnitude is a massive challenge. Oaks describes the biggest challenge saying, “Getting everybody to agree on who headlines. Who get’s paid what. What the order is. Finding the bands with the right schedule at the right time. Getting all the behind the scenes details together so that everybody that comes has a great time.

Catching Up: Bands On The Road - Uproar Fest 2012 DetroitMy Show At Uproar Fest 2012

Watch interviews with John Oakes, Julian and Kaz of Redlight King and Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way.

Redlight Kings

Artists get a little stir crazy in their tour busses causing wacky traditions and pranks to spring up.  Vocalist Mark “Kaz” Kasperczk said “It’s mostly professional.” But guitarist Julian Tomarin adding a little more color said, “It was last night. A friend of ours fell asleep in the front lounge of our bus which is something you’re not allowed to do … The punishment for that is always getting drawn on with a Sharpie.”

“Don’t fall asleep on our bus,” said Kasperczk, confirming the custom.

A song they particularly like playing live is “City Life.” It’s the second song in the lineup and can get dangerous toward the end. Kasperczk explains, “Julian does a stage dive at the end of it and sometimes people drop him. So that’s exciting.”

Adelitas Way

The new single “Alive” is an upbeat track, but it came from a dark place. Lead vocalist Rick DeJesus explaining how that happens said, “You don’t have to be in a happy place to write a happy song. You can be in a sad place to remember all the great times.”

“I hope it brings a lot of couples together and you know … I like bringing the love out of people,” he added.

There’s a rumor floating that DeJesus played college baseball. “That’s a very true rumor. I was a beast man! No, I played baseball since I was a little kid. I love it. I love all sports,” DeJesus said.

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