Fresh on their US tour with a first stop in Detroit. My Show Now host Greg Gogava sat down with Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer to talk about his life, the bands journey and secrets to success in the music industry.

After the US dates, Korn will head to Europe.

GG: What’s your favorite place in Europe.

JS: I love Italy because of the food, but I also love eastern Europe.

GG: What are you guys working on next.

JS:  We’re gonna make another record obviously, but what it’s gonna sound like. *smiles and shrugs* We sort of gather techniques, and as technology progresses, our techniques for recording also progress.

GG: Tell me about your most memorable moment from the band’s history.

JS: We were on tour with Ozzy. Him and Sharon Osbourne gave us our first gold record. We were on stage. They had brought the gold records in. It was our first gold record from our first album. When we came back, they were in there with a bunch of champagne and gold records. It was just so surreal. We’re getting gold records and Ozzy is giving them to us. It was just one of those days that I’ll never forget.

GG: How did you approach the combination of electronic sound with your genre?

JS: Really it was Jonathan coming to me and letting me hear some of the Skrillex Scary Monsters album and you know, after he played those tracks he said “What do you think about incorporating some of these elements into the new Korn album.” I thought it was a great idea you know cause there’s a lot of similarities, very dark sounding, the bass. We’ve always been trying to do low, heavy bass stuff for a long time.

GG: How difficult was it to combine those two styles?

JS: I think the difficulties were in the mix.

GG: What’s the biggest asset for a band to succeed?

JS: For this band I think it’s really been about re-inventing each record and wiping the slate clean.

GG: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of music?

JS: Honestly, just being with my family.

GG: That must be difficult in this profession.

JS: It is. When we get home, those moments with your family, you appreciate them even more.

GG: How do you picture Korn in the future?

JS: That’s always been the big question. Before each record, it’s what are we gonna do next? We leave it kind of open.

GG: How much time does it take to create an album?

JS: Usually takes about six months from writing to finished product.

Korn’s official site

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