Aww Dang! I Just Bought The Liatorp!

by George Fox
CW50 Blogger 

Let’s admit it — we’re all either actively researching a new TV or thinking about it, so even if you just bought a new set, you’re going to be interested in this.

The Uppleva is a TV, Blu-Ray player and speaker system all built into stylish Ikea furniture. The wireless subwoofer is a nice feature. It’ll be released in the U.S. in 2013 with prices starting under $1000.

This could be a major shift in the way consumers buy home theater equipment. Instead of buying each component separately and praying they gel — Ikea’s engineers and artists did all the heavy lifting for you. This is a big change for Ikea, since they’re historically not an electronics store. I’m sure the domestic TV retailers are watching very closely and/or developing their own versions.

According to Matt Burns’ TechCrunch report, the specs of the TV are impressive enough for some tech nerds, but this won’t be a replacement for a bona fide cinema experience. Most notably, you’ll only hear stereo sound (no surround).

It’s available in many configurations including color, screen size and extra cabinets. There’s only room for one or maybe two small devices (game consoles) to be placed next to the Blu-Ray player. The demo video explains that the front doors won’t block your remote control signals.

Liatorp Sideboard

The Liatorp Sideboard as seen at the Fox home. (credit: George Fox)

Personally, I’m a fan of Ikea products for their reasonable prices and quality materials. Doesn’t hurt that you can get delicious meatballs and cinnamon rolls while you’re there.

For Ikea Newbies

Ikea is not a typical big-box store experience. Just about everything at Ikea will require some assembly. If you’ve ever put together Lego block sets you’ll love putting together Ikea furniture. I’m weird, but I think it’s half the fun! The store is split into two floors. The top floor is mostly for viewing assembled pieces and the ground floor is where you put all the components in your cart.

See The Uppleva In Action

Watch this fun video from Ikea describing the Uppleva. I love the girl’s multiple failed attempts to catch the remote. Forget it! Just pick it up from off-screen.

Don’t forget the Flaarb! The Conan O’Brien show parodies the assembly of an Uppleva.

George Fox is a Spartan, a Michigander, and Web Producer for CBS 62/CW50 in Detroit. When I’m not working on content for the CBS Local websites, I’m probably hanging out on the boat, at deer camp or spending quality time with the fam. Follow George on Twitter @GeorgeJFox.

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