Tyra Banks coined the term Booty Tooch a few seasons back on ANTM, but it’s made a comeback in the US vs. UK season.

The recent episode featured Banks breaking down the different kinds of tooches. There’s the Hoochie Tooch (aka Nooch) which I can only imagine is an over-the-top tooch. The Poochie Tooch, which is caused by not sucking in your gut. A Dookie Tooch, which we won’t get into and a Smoochie Tooch. Some good variations are the Side Tooch and the coutoure Juicy Tooch.

Basically the Booty Tooch involves sticking your butt out to accentuate your shape. Leave it to Tyra to coin the term and start a cultural sensation.

Part of the tooch lesson involved the girls putting on training tooches. Hopeful model AzMarie refused to put on the training tooch and it was the beginning of the end for her. Tyra thought she had a “too cool for school” attitude and she was eliminated from the show.

Obviously this is something people have been doing for some time. Check out our gallery of the usual tooch celebrity suspects.

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