This week on Street Beat, host Syma Chowdhry continues our two-part look at organizations who are helping rebuild Detroit.

First Sandy Baruah, CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, talks about the Chamber’s efforts to encourage business growth and its upcoming Detroit Business Conference.

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Then, Deirdre Greene Groves, Executive Director of the Detroit Challenge, and Matt Mosher, Co-Founder and CEO of, discuss how the Detroit Challenge will encourage young leaders to live and work in the city.

Then Adam Kessler, a board member for Detroit Harmonie, explains how that program will help break down racial barriers in Detroit.

Finally, Marshalle Montgomery of the Awesome News Taskforce and Mikel Ellcessor, the general manager of WDET radio, explain the impact that the Awesome News Taskforce will have on organizations and individuals revitalizing the city.

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Street Beat: Revitalizing Detroit Pt 2 Seg 1Segment 1

Street Beat: Revitalizing Detroit Pt 2 Seg 2Segment 2

Street Beat: Revitalizing Detroit Pt 2 Seg 3Segment 3

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