Metro Times Blowout has officially begun! Blowout is the largest local music festival in the nation – it takes place over 4 days in Hamtramck and it all began with a pre-party. They kicked off the 15th year of annual festivities at the Magic Stick in Detroit, and what a start it was!

Detroit Pleasure Society

(credit: Bethany Alferink)

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I got a taste of what’s to come on the three stages that were set up at the Magic Stick. Most of the festivities were taking place upstairs, so I headed there first. When I got up there, the crowd was already enjoying the sounds of The Walking Beat. Blowout was actually their first time performing together as a band! They did really well and the crowd seemed to love it. I especially enjoyed it when the lead singer played the harmonica.

Matt Jones & The Reconstruction

(credit: Bethany Alferink)

Immediately after The Walking Beat finished their set, the Detroit Pleasure Society began to play on another stage. The band was made up of a group of musicians playing what sounded like the traditional music of New Orleans. I loved the variety of instruments and the big band sound! Matt Jones and the Reconstruction took to the first stage after the Detroit Pleasure society. They had a cellist, so I was most excited about that. So much variety in the entertainment! And not a dull moment because of the multiple stages!

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After grabbing a drink at the bar I decided to check out what was going on downstairs at the Garden Bowl and on the way down, I ran into what appeared to be a marching band on the stairs – I can’t imagine what I missed! I was sad to be missing the marching band, but happy to be downstairs…4 lanes of the bowling alley had been partially covered by a stage! I thought it was so fab! Even cooler -there were bowlers still bowling in lanes on either side of the stage. What an atmosphere!

Flash Clash

(credit: Bethany Alferink)

I had missed the first band downstairs, but the second band, Flash Clash, was just taking to the stage. They were so good! It’s hard for me to describe the unique sound…it was futuristic, maybe a little bit disco – The Darkness meets the Beegees? That may be an awful description, but they sure had me dancing in the bowling lane! Their lead singer was so energetic and amazing. He made his way onto the bowling lanes to sing directly to his fans and dance like crazy – what a great show they put on!

I can’t wait to check out the rest of the Blowout and other up-and-coming local bands! You should check them out too!

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**DGG Bethany received tickets, courtesy of Metro Times