Funny, fresh, and full of romance – This Means War is a new favorite for me!

Bethany at "This Means War"Judging by the reactions of those in the sneak preview with me, I could tell it was a crowd pleaser too!  I love sappy, girly, romantic movies (as you know) so I wasn’t surprised that I liked the film.  However, I was surprised at how funny the movie was and how it really appealed to the masses. 

The flick was filled with comedy that men and women alike are sure to enjoy.  I even laughed aloud (very rare for me)!  Chelsea Handler stars in the film alongside Reese Witherspoon…and she is hilarious!  I couldn’t believe some of the comments that came out of her mouth!  Plus, it should be easy for you ladies to drag your guy to this one because it’s action-packed!  Lauren Scott (played by Reese Witherspoon) falls in love with not one, but two CIA agents.  Bethany at "This Means War"The guys can enjoy the action while the ladies enjoy the eye candy…the agents, F.D.R. and Tuck, just happen to be gorgeous and one of them has a sexy accent!

This movie has something for everyone! Go see it – you won’t be disappointed!



**DGG Bethany received tickets, courtesy of Allied-THA


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