This week on Street Beat, Syma Chowdhry and the Community Correspondents looked at groups helping shelter the homeless. 

First, Melissa Golpe, the Public Relations Director for Covenant House Michigan, and Diane Horton, a Rights of Passage resident of Covenant House Michigan, talk about the specific needs of homeless youth.

Then Syma finds out about the work done by the Coalition on Temporary Shelter (COTS) from CEO Cheryl Johnson and Volunteer turned employee, Karen Terry.

Next, Pastor Peter Moore of Greenfield Presbyterian Church and Jennifer Ward, the director of the fundraising musical, talk about the Welcome Inn, a day shelter for the homeless, as well as the Welcome Inn’s upcoming fundraiser.

Finally, Correspondent Cindy Kainz gets background on Grace Centers of Hope from its CEO, Pastor Kent Clark.

  1. Ines says:

    This pogarrm is deceiving; it’s not housing, but PRISON-LIKE & MANDATORY 12-Step religious cult insane asylums with 24/7 staff, armed guards, and snitches watching the homeless veteran’s every move ..PRISON!

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