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With a shaky economy and unemployment on the rise, we’ll show you how you could help children who are less fortunate, improve your financial situation, and possibly find a job. 

First, there will be children without toys this holiday season so the U.S. Marines come to the rescue with their annual Toys for Tots program.  Sargent Aaron Miller and Master Gunnery Sargent Colbert S. Flagg provide the details.

Then Community Correspondent William Malcolm gets financial first aid tips from Dr Alex Dragun of

Next Community Correspondent Antonio Guevara talks to Rico Razo, youth development coach, and Maxine Willis of SER Metro about job training and creating jobs for inner city residents.

Then Antonio finds out about the Family Cyber Café from Luis Pena, a Southwest Detroit business owner who helps residents keep in touch with family out of the country and provides computer training and job search opportunities.






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  1. James says:

    red cross,local picloe dept,fierstation and salvation army as well as social sevices .i would send u 1 for childreni am just so happy to see childrens faces Was this answer helpful?

  2. Anderson says:

    Heck yeah you get brnggiag rights! You know all your children are going to grow up to be models just like thier mommy!

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