DGG Bethany @ Henry & Belle Launch!
I had the pleasure of a personal shopping experience with the President of Henry & Belle, Rob Mann, at the Henry & Belle launch party at Caruso Caruso.  I went to the event with high expectations because I love denim and I love shopping, but when I arrived all of those expectations were exceeded.
Henry & Belle Launch Party
The Birmingham boutique buzzed with excitement…appetizers and spirits were served, shoppers went in and out of fitting rooms in search for the perfect pair of jeans, and employees kept busy providing opinions, swapping sizes, and folding denim.  All of this activity was in celebration of the launch of the Henry & Belle Denim Brand at Caruso Caruso.  The president of the company was there to inform customers about the denim and help them select the right style. 

After loading up on a few snacks, grabbing a drink, and introducing myself to the store employees, I walked on over to Rob.  I wanted to spend as much time with the expert as possible!  And what a treat it was!  I had heard about Henry & Belle, but never tried on a pair. 

He first had me try on the Lila Flare with Flap in the Halsted wash.  They were fabulous!  He picked exactly the right size, just by looking at me and the retro style was definitely something I would wear! They were made from Japanese Non-Stretch Denim.  The fabric is made with the highest quality cotton combined with innovative rope dying  techniques for a soft, drapey feel.  I was amazed when he told me they the fabric is produced by a centuries-old, renowned denim mill. 

Henry & Belle Launch PartyNext he handed me a pair of the Ideal Skinny in the Pilsen wash.  This pair was made from a fabric called X-Fit.  Ron explained to me that X-Fit stretches in all directions and has excellent recovery…you would never have to worry about this pair getting stretched out after each wear!  A lot of celebrities are fans of the Ideal Skinny and I can see why! 

Lastly, I tried on a the Ideal Bootcut with Flap in the Clean Dark Wash.  This pair was classic and flattering…I have to have them!!!  While I was admiring the denim in the mirror, Ron told me a little bit about Henry & Belle.  I was touched when he told me that Henry Mann designed each style with his wife, Belle as his muse.  Belle embodied confidence and sophistication.  The couple started designing together in the garment district of Chicago in 1931.  It was so much fun to actually learn about the jeans I was wearing…Ron informed me that as the success of Henry and Belle grew, so did their commitment to the community. 

In addition to creating premium denim that’s flattering and innovative, Henry and Belle is committed to supporting local communities and the needs within those communities.  Caruso Caruso’s launch party supported the Detroit Goodfellows (www.detroitgoodfellows.org).  Everyone in attendance that made a charitable donation of $25 or more to the organization received 20% off their Henry and Belle purchase.

Henry & Belle….an endearing love story about family, fashion, and philanthropy.




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