There is one thing I miss the most about Detroit when visiting California– the luxury of having a Coney Island on every corner.  It’s almost as if my body craves them more because it knows I’m thousands of miles away from the nearest authentic Detroit Coney.  Well, my friends, this DGG will never have that problem again… thanks to Detroit Style Coney Dog in Hollywood! 

I’ve wanted to check it out since first hearing two Detroit natives (along with some serious A-list investors, including Tim Allen and Braylon Edwards) would be opening this little piece of home in Tinsel Town.

We immediately noticed the Tigers game airing on all the big screens, waiters asking if we’d like to start with Faygo “pop” (not soda), and the classic, simple, Coney Island menu.  We all ordered Coney Dogs of course.  I opted for the best of both worlds by ordering a veggie Coney Dog.  I was NOT disappointed!  The veggie dog tasted exactly like the Coneys we all know and love.  For Dessert? But of course, Sanders ice cream!

Is it strange that after we were finished eating, I made up a million excuses to stay a little longer?  When we finally did walk out the door I received an alert from the @coneydogLA twitter page thanking me for coming. I plan to go back many more times and when you come to Southern California, I recommend heading straight to Detroit Style Coney Dog from LAX!

You know you love me, XOXO


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  1. Felicia Melvin says:

    Hey Lauren,

    My name is Felicia Melvin and I am a student at Cabrini College in Philadelphia, PA. I am intrested in going to graduate school for broadcast journalism. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about how you started your career and somethings I can do to follow in your footsteps. I love your work and I would greatly appreciate your advice 🙂

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    Hello Lauren,
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    1. Philipp says:

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    2. souad says:

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