DGG Lauren at "Ask the Experts"
Novices and industry vets alike enjoyed a night of conversation (and a bundle of knowledge) from some of the nation’s best! Despite the flooding and crazy rain, many passionate broadcasters (and broadcasters-to-be) joined me as I emceed the first-ever “Ask the Experts” panel, presented by CW50 and Specs Howard School of Media Arts!

I enjoyed every moment of hearing from Tim French (Senior Producer of First Forecast Mornings), Emmy Award-winning Videographer Paul Pytlowany, and CW50 Account Executive (and UMich football hero) Harlan Huckleby. Guests were encouraged to ask any questions they had about entering the broadcast field and the answers were so enlightening.

I’ve been in this industry for years, but I found myself completely enamored as I listened to every word of advice. I still have a lot to learn! 🙂 After the experts, we heard from Specs Howard representatives Kevin and Amber. They gave us more insight on why Specs is so unique and successful in the entertainment world.

Attendees exited with huge smiles, and from the comments left with me, they felt a sense of encouragement and confidence in building their careers in media arts! We even gave away an iPad, courtesy of CW50!

Be sure to stay connected to CW50detroit.com for deets on more programs like “Ask the Experts.”

You know you love me, XOXO

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