Camps for Teens

Summer time is the ultimate in relaxation for those done with school.  As a college student, I look forward to sleeping in, hanging out with my friends, and most of all, enjoying three months without books and homework.  But the one thing I always neglect is staying active.  When I was younger, my mom would always ship me off to some sports camp to get me out of the house and (hopefully) make me better.  Unfortunately, I have passed my athletic prime, but I still remember the fun I had playing the different sports, especially growing up inOaklandCounty- which I am totally biased in thinking that it’s the athletic powerhouse ofMichigan.  But I digress, and introduce four different camps that may interest YOU.

Ndamukong Suh Football Camp

Quick Facts:

Coed, Ages 7-14, June 28-29 atWalledLakeWesternHigh School, $199 (register online)

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Ndamukong Suh is providing a two-day camp for kids interested in learning the fundamentals of football.  Coaches from within theDetroitarea will also be on hand to ensure that each participant receives individual instruction. 

Upon completion of the camp, each camper will receive a camp tee shirt and an autographed camp photo by Suh.

Ndamukong Suh Pro Day Workout

Quick Facts:

Coed, Ages 15-23, June 29 at WalledLakeWesternHigh School, $99

There is also a Pro Day Workout for athletes outlined after the Pro Day Combine for prospective NFL rookies.  Each camper is videotaped as he or she runs through each drill, and a personal video is available for download.  Each athlete will also go through a personal assessment and discover ways they can stretch their potential on and off the field.

Detroit Pistons Youth Training Camp

Quick Facts:

Coed, Grades 1-11 (Splitinto 1-5 and 6-11), August 15-18 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, $159

Even with the threat of an NBA lockout, the Pistons are celebrating the fifteenth year of their youth camps with a special discounted price.  Campers are split by age and compete in daily contests and mini games while learning the fundamentals of basketball. 

Campers receive an authentic jersey, a basketball, and a ticket to a Pistons home game with a pre-game courtside pass at the end of camp.  There are more locations offered throughout the summer, ranging fromMarquettetoBrighton.

Northwood University Volleyball Camp

Quick Facts:

Girls grades 7-12, July 30-31 atNorthwoodUniversityinMidland, $195 (meals and housing included)

This is a camp I personally endorse for any girl interested in improving her volleyball skills.  I attended this camp for three summers and it was always something I looked forward to. 

The coaching staff and team run the camp and put campers through two days of intense volleyball work-outs and drills.  Campers are divided by skill level and the camp looks to help improve all around game development. 

Now, it must be noted that pretty much every university runs their own sports camps, generally taught by the coaching staff.  Therefore, if your allegiance lies elsewhere, their athletic websites can provide information for you.   

Lake Orion High School Dragons Baseball Camp

Quick Facts:

Coed, Age 8-16, July 25-29, Friendship Park Baseball Fields, $90 if registered before July 1

Like I said before, I grew up inOaklandCounty, and one thing that always amazed me was the high school athletic programs and how superior they were.  The Dragons Baseball Camp, led by head coach Andy Schramek, is joined by his varsity team and alumni, including some members of the 2007 State Championship Team for five days of baseball instruction.  Each camper receives a tee shirt and certificate of completion the last day of camp.

However, I’m not saying everyone inAnn Arborshould hustle out toLakeOrionfor five days of high school baseball, but there are options.  Maybe you are interested in a particular sport and want to sharpen your skills.  Or maybe your children are driving you insane and you want them out of the house for a few days.  Contact your local Parks and Recreation department or call the closest high school and see what they recommend for the summer.

 Stephanie is an intern at CW50 for the summer.  Follow her on Twitter @InternStephanie

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